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Dear Customers


We appreciate your interests in Sashiko and our threads.

Unfortunately, we cannot sell "Hida Sashiko" Threads anymore because of the supplier's decision. We simply do not have enough inventory left. 

Our store is temporary closed.

Please follow links below for your interests. We would be happy to assist you regarding Sashiko.

【If you are interested in Sashiko and Sashiko threads】

Please consider "Sashi.Co" as your new interest. Previous director in Hida Sashiko (Atsushi) now support his mother to manage new Sashiko brand, "Sashi.Co." Atsushi will be happy to assist your needs. 

 - Sashi.Co Website

 - Sashiko Threads Store (We have natural Vegetable dyed threads)

 - Contact to Atsushi

【If you are seeking "Hida Sashiko" threads】

Although we cannot help you, another supplier in the U.S. (Atsushi's friend in CA) might be able to help you. Here is their website.

【Other information】


*The manager (Akiko) will be out of work during 3/18 to 5/13 in 2015. During this term, please contact to Atsushi.




Welcome to Sashiko USA !!

We used be a distributor of "Hida Sashiko" Products in the United States of America. After they stopped distributing their threads to outside of Japan, we are now seeking other possibility of creating Sashiko Community.

Atsushi (Previous Global Director in Hida Sashiko) now open his own project, Sashi.Co. Once the preparation is done, we will start providing Sashi.Co threads to the U.S. market again.

We still have the same goal. Introducing Sashiko as well as Japanese Hand Crafts.

Thank you for your interest and support!